Estimates, consultancy, inventories and evaluations of individual works or entire furnishings

Luca Borelli, in addition to his thirty years of experience in the antiquarian field with particular attention for the period from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century, he obtained a diploma of specialization on Italian furniture between baroque and  neoclassical at the Scuola d'Arte Antiquaria in Milan and is a member of the Collegio Lombardo Periti Esperti e Consulenti. Card number 5571.

He therefore carries out estimates, consultancy, reasoned opinions, inventories and valuations of individual works or entire furnishings for a wide variety of reasons (sales, inheritance, knowledge of his own assets, etc.).

The rates in question at the valuations are fixed prices regardless of the value of the objects examined, and will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Our experience and our daily contact with the antiques market
allow us to give a consistent evaluation of your furniture
to the commercial reality of the moment.

- Purchase of works of art
Antique furniture, paintings, safes, tapestries, bronzes, stones, marbles, various objects.

- Sale of works of art