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We purchase antiques from the 14th to the 16th century

Furniture, paintings on wood and canvas, sculptures and work of art. We have a particular interest in Renaissance coffers and chests, bronzes, stone, wood and terracotta



We purchase Antiques of the 17th century
Antichità Santa Giulia is seriously interested in the vision, evaluation and possible purchase also with regard to furniture, paintings, sculptures and objects of any kind and material related to this period.
The gallery, founded in 1972, has always specialised in this historical period.



We purchase Antiques of the 18th century

  The year 1700 was the target of an expert specialization course that allowed one of the gallery's members (Luca Borelli) to enroll at the Collegio Lombardo Periti Esperti e Consulenti, card no. 5571.
Also with regard to the 18th century the interest in furniture, paintings, sculptures of any material and objects of any type belonging to this historical period is very much alive and supported by a competence that allows to make valuations and therefore acquisitions at the highest market prices.

We purchase Antiques of of the 19th century

The 19th century, with its eclecticism, represents a very particular and interesting century in terms of artistic production.
We are therefore interested in furniture, paintings made on any support, objects of any kind, stone, terracotta, bronze, wood, Italian and not, scientific instruments of the period in question.



We purchase Art of the 20th century and Design

Great interest has dedicated our gallery to the study and deepening of the historical and artistic currents of the 20th century.

From the point of view of creating environments where furniture, paintings, and objects of different historical periods and geographical origins can coexist with each other, we assess with great attention and purchase at the highest evaluations any furniture, painting, sculpture, ceramics, lighting point or design object belonging to the twentieth century.